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Sorcerer: An Historical Novel

The year is 1584. John Dee, the greatest scholar of his age, has turned from reputable science to forbidden magic. In partnership with a visionary rogue, an ex-nun and a court beauty, he flees across Europe, dogged by the Inquisition and a relentless assassin. Finally, Dee’s magic seems to yield fruit. In a vision, angels (or are they demons?) promise to reveal the secret of transmuting lead into gold. There is only one hitch: Dee and his companions must first commit an unforgivable sin.


“An intricate tapestry of the historical and the alchemical that casts an authentic spell over the reader. A vivid tale vigorously told.”
— Ramsey Campbell, award-winning novelist and president of the British Fantasy Society.

“A rip-roaring tour of the occult, Elizabethan-style, in this historical novel laced with humor, mystery and menace.”
– Ross King, bestselling author of Domino and Leonardo and the Last Supper

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